Cost Effective:
Our Bonus Programs

Retain a solid player base, get high player organic return-rate and low bounce rate. Lowers your high marketing expenses.

By creating a following and community, you get your players doing the work for you by populating the site, high engagement rates through the chat and low support-costs due your players answering new player’s questions.

Some of our default Bonus enticements

These bonus programs are included by default with our software, you can enable them on the spot from your back-panel.
V.I.P. Program
Manage your high rollers by offering custom and predefined values to cash back, level up bonuses and rake back.
Create user-wide timed challenges for all your users and entice them to play certain games with specific requirements to clear.
Our quiz bot will post random questions from a Trivia database in chat. Create high engagement rate for your community.
Rake-back is very effective as you return only a tiny percentage of their bet, players will want to clear rake-back targets before claiming their reward thus results in more wagers.
Faucet Wheel
Offering a free bitcoin faucet incentives players to visit daily and try your different gambling games, making your crypto casino look very active for new visitors.
Affiliate System
Instantly open-up your affiliate program and let anyone create a unique affiliate URL to your casino. You can reward affiliates with a percentage of any deposit or wager of anyone brought in.
Reach your player's mobile homescreen. Your players can link their Discord with their casino account, at which our Discord bot assigns their V.I.P. role. Our Discord bot automatically disperses promo code's in Discord.
Rain Event
Everyone loves when you make it rain, this tool allows you to setup bonuses for users when they talk in the chat. Create high engagement rate for your community and keep them glued to your platform.

Cost Effective:
Our vision summarized

Our bonus system’s focus is on retaining your players cost-effective to save you high expenses on marketing campaigns. This attainment is achieved solely and completely by the community-driven setup of the platform.

Your own players will entice other regulars by chatting with each other, sharing their wins/losses and by their combined goal of trying to win of the casino.

We believe that giving a lot of daily and constant bonuses even to those that will never deposit, is incredibly effective, they keep your chat active, they will play games with their free bonuses and will generally be of good spirit to entice those that will deposit by talking positively of your platform.

New user’s will be prone to deposit faster as active users and your platform being actively played feigns trust and legitimacy.

All we do in our bonus systems is transition the working Las Vegas-like formula of keeping your players in the casino with free comps to digital version of keeping your players engaged in the chat or spinning the faucet wheel every few minutes. This creates traction and once they do decide to deposit funds, your casino is the first that will come to mind to deposit on.

Our Discord bot is revolutionary. The Discord bot will automatically give out timed promo-codes with maximum use, which will make users keep their default Discord phone settings to allow us to reach their homescreen with messages.

Opposed to old-fashioned way of sending out mass marketing e-mails that are expensive and catched by spamfilters, this way you get straight to your user’s homescreen which is of great value when releasing new games, new features and keeps your platform active.

We love implementing Interactive premium crypto technologies within the iGaming industry. Nothing more and nothing less. We believe turnkey is the future without extreme industry-standard licensing costs.

Our Casino Solution

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    Copyright 2021. Datagamble Tech N.V. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2021. Datagamble Tech N.V. All rights reserved.