You are in control:
Check the Operational Administration

We want you to be in full control. So from apart having access to the full source code, our includes a powerful operational & CRM panel. Setup support, CRM, admin permissions and assign them to your staff.

You can toggle games, check stats, approve fraud flagged withdrawal requests, choose which currencies to use, which Payment Provider to use for each currency, change your Bonus Program settings, create new contests, check all outstanding balance and more.

We are able to provide you a full administrator demo upon request.

We love implementing Interactive premium crypto technologies within the iGaming industry. Nothing more and nothing less. We believe turnkey is the future without extreme industry-standard licensing costs.

Our Casino Solution

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    Copyright 2021. Datagamble Tech N.V. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2021. Datagamble Tech N.V. All rights reserved.