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While our license and general design costs are same priced for everyone, the needs in terms of technical support, brand management, operational management and market-entry differs so much per client that the additional monthly cost we cannot streamline for anyone interested.

This differs from only 500.00 Euro per month to 7,500.00 Euro per month, also we can offer specific deals such as a 0.00 Euro License Cost & Monthly Fees in trade for 25% revenue share depending on your project details and market reach.

We can precisely quote your project immediately after talking over your exact needs. Contact us to schedule a talk.

The licensing and initial cost can be calculated below if you wish to completely self-service your casino or already have a technical department available.

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    We love implementing Interactive premium crypto technologies within the iGaming industry. Nothing more and nothing less. We believe turnkey is the future without extreme industry-standard licensing costs.

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      Copyright 2021. Datagamble Tech N.V. All rights reserved.

      Copyright 2021. Datagamble Tech N.V. All rights reserved.