Use any Payment API
You are in control of your funds!

You want a gateway specifically for BTC or USD? You can assign a provider specifically to this currency while using your other payment aggregator for rest of currencies you accept.

You are able to integrate any payment gateway you wish and assign to any type of currency. You decide what currency and what gateway you want to use to receive deposits and perform withdrawals.

Not a single crypto is actually going through our systems, instead using external providers to callback to your platform to credit balance, preserving our integrity we will never need access to any of your funds.

We have partnered with to provide out-of-the-box default gateway for 50+ different types of cryptocurrency for your platform for incredibly low fees.

From your account area you can designate which coins to accept and the wallet end-address you wish to want deposits automatically instantly forwarded towards.

We love implementing Interactive premium crypto technologies within the iGaming industry. Nothing more and nothing less. We believe turnkey is the future without extreme industry-standard licensing costs.

Our Casino Solution

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    Copyright 2021. Datagamble Tech N.V. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2021. Datagamble Tech N.V. All rights reserved.